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Install the App

Scan the QR code below or go to:

System Requirements
Android 4.4 or Apple IOS 8.0 and above.
to download the watchitude Move Flagfit App.

Power On/Off

Turn on the watch: Press and hold the fingerprint on the face of the watch until the screen lights up and vibrates.

Turn off the watch: Press and hold the fingerprint on the face of the watch until the on/off option appears. Then tap once to choose Off. While Off is highlighted, tap and hold until the watch shuts down. When the watch turns off it will vibrate.

Connect to Phone

  1. Pair your watch to your phone through the Flagfit app in your smartphone
  2. Be sure that your watchitude Move is powered on and fully charged.
  1. Search for the Devices section of the app
  2. Swipe down to refresh Devices page
  3. Your watchitude Move will automatically sync your activity data to your App and your smartphone time data to your watch

For Android Users

  1. Allow watchitude Move Flagfit App to send notifications
  2. Add watchitude Move Flagfit as a trusted App


How to Charge

When the screen shows low battery, it will also vibrate alerting you to recharge your watch. Simply remove your watch face from the silicon band and plug the included USB cable to the edge of the watch face. You can charge your watch with any computer USB or standard USB charger with the provided charger cable.

If Your Watch does not power on when plugged in, make sure to plug the cable to the watch first, and then plug into the power source second.

Viewing Features on Watch

Tap the Screen once to switch modes: Time, Step, Distance, Calorie tracker.

Other Features

Call and Text Message Notification Selfie Remote by Shaking your hand

Wrist up - Screen on

Activity Goal setup and data share

GPS Tracking Recorder from your phone

Sleep Monitor (time and quality)

Syncs data automatically

Watchitude Move Specifications

Weight 40g Battery 50mAh

Battery Type: Polymer Bluetooth: 4.0

Water Resistant: IPX67 Display: .66” OLED

Temperature: -68 to 158 Degrees Fahrenheit Band Size: 265mm

Material: Silicon/ABS


  1. We do not recommend showering or swimming with the watch
  2. Do not change the battery
  3. Always use the proper charger cable as supplied with the product
  4. Do not expose the device to a high moisture or high temperature environment
  5. This device contains a silicon band, charging cable and activity watch
  6. This product is not a medical device
  7. Do not try to sync through your smartphone Bluetooth settings