SPECIAL NEWS: Watchitude Makes It On ABC's Good Morning America TV Show!

SPECIAL NEWS: Watchitude Makes It On ABC's Good Morning America TV Show!

July 31, 2017 1 Comment


The popularity of the watchitude watches paved the way for the company's first national TV appearance and boy were we excited!










The popular and highly viewed daytime show Good Morning America on ABC network recently featured watchitude on their exciting segment "Deals & Steals" hosted by the famous Tory Johnson. 

The watches were in full display with all the different kinds of vibrant slap watches that the collection has to offer. The segment was co-hosted by the lovely and gracious co-host Sara Hines,who truly enjoyed the watches as she picked several different ones to display to wear during the live segment! The show was watched by thousands and audience members were each given a watchitude watch as a gift when the show ended.



"This is a slap watch!" says the excited  Tory Johnson to the studio audience. "They come in huge assortment styles and in amazing gift boxes!"

"Oh my God! This is my childhood!" replied Sara Hines when she sees the watches.

The GMA co-host proceeds to grab not one but several slap watches and places them on her wrist creating an array of watchitude arm bracelets to show off to viewers.

The GMA team was so gracious and did a terrific job with the segment. We at watchitude are so thankful to the entire GMA and Tory Johnson team for making this happen!



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Carolyn Sabloski
Carolyn Sabloski

December 29, 2017

Bought two watches. Gave to my grandkids for Christmas. Set the watch on one of them no problem. But on the other watch the setting mechanism was defective. Hands just moved around could not be set. Now how do I return this item? No where can I see anything on their site. Help!!!

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