The 19th annual North East PEZ convention recently took place in Stamford, CT on June 23, 2017 at the famed Sheraton Hotel and Watchitude was front and center with their latest and exciting PEZ style watches!

The two day sold out convention is a annual imperative gathering that brings collectors, fans, buyers, traders and deeply devoted PEZ fans together to buy products and  collector their PEZ stories.

"I have been waiting all year for this convention," said one middle aged PEZ fan sporting a t-shirt with the logo "PEZ FOR PEZ-IDENT" on the front with matching earrings.

The convention for the past several years has developed into a platform for devoted PEZ followers who have been collecting the famous brand for years and have made the collecting and buying an intricate part of their lives. "It's exciting and I love seeing all the latest in PEZ products" said a young customer while buying the Watchitude PEZ Rainbow slap watch.

The influential event draws hundreds of people from all over the United States who plan for the event months in advance so they can get  a chance to show off their items and sell their PEZ collectibles that can start as low as 50 cents and go as high as 6K. You can find anything from   custom made signs to everyday dishware, towels, bags, clothing, toothbrushes and of course watches!

The ever so popular PEZ dispenser still continues to be the reigning favorite for many and there were literally thousands of styles to choose from courtesy of famous collector Joe Pavarati of South Jersey who has been collecting the brand for years.

The favorite Watchitude PEZ Rainbow and Candy designs were very popular with customers who attended and kids especially took to the PEZ Fun and Wrapper styles very well. Many customers commented on how they were first introduced to the Watchitude brand at the famous PEZ Visitors Center where the full collection of PEZ watches are on display.

Convention attendees also appreciated how Watchitude is the perfect watch to collect for anyone who appreciates all things PEZ!

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  • I couldn’t decide which Pez Watchitude to buy- so I got them all. Love them, comfortable to wear. #watchitude #pezwatch #pez #nepezcon

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