Over the past several months, popular social media influencers have been connecting with Watchitude through their amazing Instagram accounts sharing with the world and their thousands of followers how much they love their vibrant and fun slap and snap watches!

The popular influencers have posted creative and visually exciting images of their favorite slap watch which goes so well with what the watchitude brand is all about to inspire people with creative ideas who connect with others through the popular slap and snap watches! 

Being associated with these top influencers who appreciate the styles, designs and vibrant colors of the watches not only enhances the popularity of watchitude but also takes it to many new levels of excitement in social media. 

The very talented and humanitarian Kelsey Leon posted her favorite Tropical Slap Watch in a wonderful creative posting that received thousands of likes. 

Kelsey is not only model and actress but also a humanitarian who helps to build homes for families in Mexico. She has thousands of followers who enjoy seeing her latest posting of fashionable photoshoots filled with trendy and stylish clothing and accessories. 

Another super popular social media influencer that has  become part of the watchitude fan club is well-known actor and LA based model Wynn Goldberg. He posted his favorite slap watch for his followers to get an up close look at his favorite slap watch. Wynn is well known in the LA circle of celebrity children and models and the young star is fast on the rise with his stylish looks and trendy appeal to youngsters! 


The appeal of watchitude is universal so we were more than excited when the popular Beirut based model, actress, dancer and pianist  Bendy Abou Zeid posted her favorite Tasty style slap watchitude for her fans to enjoy. Bendy is very popular in her country and posts very fashionable and trendy pictures on her Instagram account. We are so honored!

 So if you are interested in becoming a social media influencer with Watchitude, send us an email at marketing@watchitude.com with the following details:

1. Your favorite watchiude watch and why.

2. What owning a watchitude would mean to you.

3. Link to your instagram account and other social media channels. 

The selected influencer will be posted on Watchitude's social media channels and receive a watch of their choice to promote on their social media channels as well. 

Looking forward to receiving your information! Good luck!



















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