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Make Superstar JoJo Siwa part of your holiday celebration and gift giving season!

Make Superstar JoJo Siwa part of your holiday celebration and gift giving season!

December 05, 2017

The holidays are here and for many, it's a fun and exciting time to be with friends and family.   Getting together and exchanging gifts and seeing who has been naughty and who has been nice,  are all part of the joyous season that millions prepare months in advance for. Part of the holiday preparation, is the excitement of gift buying and receiving gifts and just in time for the busy holiday season, Watchitude is very excited to introduce the JoJo Siwa by Watchitude collection of slap watches!! It's the perfect gift for JoJo fans all over the world who have learned so much from the 14 years old superstar and entrepreneur!

JoJo Siwa products are super popular with millions of young girls around the world. The actress and social media influencer symbolizes strength, courage and motivates girls around the world to stand up to bullying and pursue their dreams and goals. The former "Dance Moms" star is a YouTube sensation and just passed the 1 BILLION mark in terms of views! Congrats JoJo!!


Bloggers and social media influencers and the media have reached out to Watchitude in droves wanting more information and details about the new slap collection and have shared their excitement as well about the superstar joining forces with Watchitude!

One of JoJo's appealing factor (she has a ton!) to her fans is that the Nickelodeon star has taken her popularity and made it a catalyst in helping young girls through her positive and creative messages, TV shows, YouTube videos and products which are available world wide.


The American dancer, singer and actress has millions of fans around the world and in 2012 released her accessories line including her signature vibrant hair bows that always sell out!

"The new JoJo Siwa by Watchitude slap watches are not only a great thing to remind young girls about the message that JoJo is giving out, but also shows the support of all the good things this 14 year old superstar is doing for girls everywhere," states Watchitude founder and designer Albert Hakim.

So make JoJo Siwa part of your holiday season and celebrate in style and stay positive!!





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